Eu4rik Party Band

The EU4RIK Party Band

EU4RIK is actually pronounced “Euphoric”.

The EU4RIK Party Band is predominantly a four piece but sometimes performs as a six piece Halifax cover band that totally prides themselves on the versatility and diversity of the song material that they deliver to numerous “ALL AGES” crowds around the Maritimes. 
EU4RIK has performed around metro HRM at Weddings, Corporate functions, Outdoor events, Charity auctions, large scale community benefit fundraisers and as far away as Pictou for New Year’s Eve at the Pictou Lodge. 
Their genre is difficult to categorically define because if you ask the boys in the band they say they play “every kinda music known to butt shaking and toe tappin”. “Yep !… Top 40, Country-Rock, Old Time Classics, Wedding Waltz tear-jerker stuff, a few Maritimer tunes and also a wee bit of that GAWD-AWFUL NOISE “those” young kids listen to nowadays”.
EU4RIK loves playing LIVE and what’s even more fun for them, is watching people feed off the energy of the band.  The ‘drivin’ beat of the music allows for “lettin loose” and it’s not uncommon to see party participants turning themselves into ultimate singing, dancing and jumping machines.
Almost forgot to mention that, as an added bonus, the motto of the band just happens to be “The More U Drink.. the Better we Sound”
SO…if you want EU4RIK to rock the socks off the guests at your next party or event, function or wedding … please inquire about availability at
If you’d just like to say “Hi” or have any photos to submit or questions for the bandmembers feel free to send them an email anytime……
Now enough babbling, … Let’s go get this party started !!!! 

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